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In italiano

Why a new website about adoption?

We thought to add up in a only place the most important informations concerning adoption. Each of us needed, for one’s work or other purposes, to obtain news about the adoption world, so we had the idea to offer some basic news to anyone meets the adoption, for any reasons.

Why ItaliaAdozioni?

We realized that in our Country are required more information and training about adoption. There are places where we can find various offers and possibilities and other regions where there’s no information at all. This website would arrive to whom is interested in adoption, wherever he is.

To whom we speak to?

In addition to the aspiring adoptive parents, we thought to address also to everyone is involved in the adoptive families path. Obviously we address to lawyers and psychologists that meet the couple, at the beginning of their path, so we dedicated a section to Family. An adopted child needs pediatrician and teachers who know his peculiarity. This is why we dedicated to pediatrician and nursery/ junior schools’ teachers the useful informations contained in the sections “Medical angle” and “The school”.

External contributions

The contributions written by people external to the ItaliaAdozioni authors’ group, and published in the website, are faithfully and entirely reported. If only a part of the article is published, this is specified in the same post. These pieces could be adapted in form and layout, and supplied with images included by ItaliaAdozioni staff.

ItaliaAdozioni accepts and publishes these external contributions when they come by renown source or if they have a subject of considerable interest or particular value as a testimony. The content of these external contributions couldn’t correspond (completely or in part) with ItaliaAdozioni’s thought, which host them in the website in order to contribute to built a wider knowledge , and thought-provoking about adoption contents.

The intellectual property of these contributions belong to whom wrote them, not to ItaliaAdozioni.

Readers’ comments

Readers’ comments to published post are accepted and completely made public, unless the e-mail address of the author is unreal or they include vulgar or damaging contents.


ItaliaAdozioni authors, moreover, have no responsabilities concerning the websites reachable through links published in the website, that are simply a service for web users. We refuse any responsability for quality, contents and layout.

If you think to share our thoughts and you want to offer your contribution, please propose your availability, tell us your story and your competences, we willingly consider new resources.

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