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foto di Maurizio Mazzoni

ph. "Young trees grow up" by Maurizio Mazzoni

ItaliaAdozioni’s association is formed by a heterogeneous group of people who have in common the passion and the attention for the world of the adoption. We come from different paths with different stories, but we have the same idea: to join our resources and competences to create the ItaliaAdozioni project, in order to defend the adoptive couple and the family, as a resource for the society and for the abandoned child. We want to hold the interest and the cooperation in the varied network of adoptive parents’ associations.


Members of staff:

  • Ivana Lazzarini;
  • Gabriele Cappelletti;
  • Monica Ravasi;
  • Paola Sgaramella;
  • Mariangela Corrias;
  • Francesca Carioni;
  • Greta Bellando;
  • Devi Vettori;
  • Francesca Corti;


How to Contact Us:

Email: redazione@italiaadozioni.it

Phone: +39 342 6616172
Fax: +39 039669599

Mail: Associazione ItaliaAdozioni
Via Bice Cremagnani  22 – 20871 Vimercate (Mb) – Italy


How to Donate:

Italian tax code 97617130154

IBAN: IT 16 C 02008 34070 000103385842

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In italiano

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